Slice's Mission

From birthdays to gamedays, life’s special moments are bettered by the craftsmanship and tradition found behind pizzerias’ counters. We want to keep it that way. Slice empowers independents with the tech they need to serve our communities for generations to come.

Why support #HackTheHub22?

“HackTheHub is back and Slice is delighted to be part of it! At Slice we believe in community. We tackle challenges, we collaborate, we persevere and we celebrate our successes together which is at the heart of HackTheHub and exactly why we are sponsoring this year. We are so excited to finally get the Belfast tech community back together and what a way to get things started! As a company, we value big ideas and bold goals and we can’t wait to see what the teams dream up at this year’s Hackathon!

People returning from these events are very invigorated and I always see fresh approaches to the way they tackle their work.”

We're Hiring

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