Spring Hackathon 2024

Date: Saturday 6th April 2024

Theme: Coming Soon


Learn new technologies, carry out research & development, build with colleagues and expand your network with HackTheHubℒ️ today.



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HackTheHubℒ️ Generative AI Autumn Hackathon 2023 Highlights

500+ Satisfied Engineers


Software Engineer & Founder

“I’m currently working on a side project, so #HackTheHub was a great way to come up with ideas and validate my product roadmap.”


Data Scientist

“I got the chance to learn new technologies through new people I worked with on the day and got the chance to practice my presentation skills.”


Software Engineer

“The best part of the whole experience is meeting new people who have similar interests to you, from those taking part to those mentoring and judging.”


Senior Full-Stack Developer

“I enjoyed spending a dedicated amount of time coming up with a new idea then immediately working out how to create it.”



“#HackTheHub taught me how quickly you can come up with ideas and get a prototype made.”


Technical Marketing

“I got a ton of value from #HackTheHub such as networking, learning new skills, new tools, learning from others & public speaking”

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