Hackathon 2024

Hackathons that bring highly-skilled tech teams together, to innovate, create and collaborate - all while having fun.

Next Hackathon: Spring

Date: Saturday 6th April 2024


A one day free programme to explore emerging technologies and elevate your career.

Who is involved?

HackTheHub hackathons typically involve participants with diverse backgrounds, skills and interests. The following groups of people commonly attend:
– developers/programmers
– designers
– entrepreneurs/innovators
– subject matter experts
– project managers/product managers
– data scientists
– hardware enthusiasts
– students
– mentors

Why attend?

Learning and Skill Development

acquire new skills, enhance your current ones, and delve into emerging technologies, such as generative AI.

Networking and Collaboration

meet like-minded individuals, expand your professional network, and engage in collaborative projects with diverse teams.

Innovation and Challenges

Seek the challenge of solving problems, contribute to innovation, and gain valuable experience by working on diverse and interesting projects.

Fun and Enjoyment

excitement and enjoyment derived from hackathons, along with the social aspect of working on projects, form a significant motivation for involvement.

Professional Growth and Experience

Boost your skills, gain practical experience, and showcase your abilities to future employers, contributing to your overall professional growth.


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