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Who Is It For?

World Class Engineering-Led & Product-Led organisations who focus on building and delivering value to the customer, that wish to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.
Startup Incubation Programs that wish to attract exceptional founder’s working on emerging technologies. 

What Is The Benefit?

Increased Productivity leads to Cost Savings: By encouraging innovation and creativity it can save money in the long run.  New ideas will improve workflows and improve an organisations ability to stay competitive.  It can also significantly reduce costs associated with research and development or cutting costs in relation to training & staff turnover.
Enhances Employee Engagement: Provides an opportunity for employees who normally work on separate projects, to come together and collaborate.
Identify Potential Talent:
Evaluate the skills of potential hires and identify areas of improvement.
Increased Revenues: A culture of innovation can lead to new products, services, and processes that can increase an organisation’s revenue.


What Makes #HackTheHub Different?

Unlike other hackathons, #HackTheHub is exclusive to employers hiring directly.

Our hackathon programs touch various areas that include hiring, onboarding, transformative innovation, incremental learning and combines it all into a high impact program that can help you and your team:

– Learn new technical skills.
– Innovate like a startup.
– Gather feedback on product roadmap and API capabilities.
– Build upon your engineering talent pipeline.
– Enhance team building skills.
– help your existing engineering teams rediscover the excitement of solving problems creatively.



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