Join 50+ Engineering Leaders today.

Our partners are world class engineering leaders that head up growing product development teams. What’s the one thing they have in common? They all have been able to use #HackTheHub to engage and attract the right talent.

What makes our hackathons different?
Our hackathon programs touch various areas that include hiring, onboarding, transformative innovation, incremental learning and rewards and combines it all into a high impact program that can help you:

– Learn about the developer ecosystem.
– Gather feedback on product roadmap and API capabilities.
– Build an engineering talent pipeline.
– Reinvigorate any of your development teams working on stale tickets.
– To help their existing engineering teams rediscover the excitement of solving problems creatively.

“You can’t build a long-term future on short-term thinking.”

Insider Inc
Analytics Engines
Barclays | Eagle Labs
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"One of my top hires came from a hackathon. He ended up being one of our top engineers and stuck around the company for 8 years.  That's why I support #HackTheHub hackathons." 

Jason - CTO @ Startup with over $125 million in funding.

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