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How#HackTheHub began…

In Northern Ireland, one of the natural wonder’s located in the North Coast is the Giant’s Causeway. It is a vast area of interlocking basalt columns formed over 60 million years ago. It’s like stepping into another world with it’s unique landscape, attracting visitors from all over the world to marvel.
The concept behind #HackTheHub was born from this idea. To provide a glimpse  to new visitors into another world, the tech. 
With each stone representing a new challenge to overcome, and the water representing the fast-pace of technology advancements, #HackTheHub began with 1 small hackathon based in Belfast of 25 people to creating sold-out learning and development experiences for world-class tech teams across the globe to experiment, build and have fun. 


What makes #HackTheHub different…

Unlike other programs that focus on volume of numbers that can often impact the quality, we limit participants for each hackathon to ensure we can provide them with what they came for, whether that be new relationships, new skills or educational takeaways that will advance their career. 
What we focus relentlessly on is technical education. We do this to attract a network of builders that love to solve hard problems.
The common interest that these builders have is working with emerging technologies and advancing their career. 

Whether you are interested in fintech, big data, artificial intelligence or machine learning,  you will get the opportunity to explore your curiosity, build new skills and network with: programmers, data scientists, CTOs, tech marketers and designers. 


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