About Us

Company Bio

HackTheHub is a hackathon series which brings together teams to build Data & AI prototypes. The goal is to provide an environment for developers and others who are interested in the intersection of data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and more to learn from each other and build something new.

By bringing people together to create new ideas for the future we commit to the goal of fostering innovation through collaboration and building on existing skillsets by providing participants with an opportunity to explore their curiosity, build new skills and network with other builders.

Our Ethos

The company’s ethos is simple: “We believe in hacking as a force for good. Hackathons are an amazing way to bring diverse minds together to innovate, create new ideas and work collaboratively on creative projects – all while having fun! We want anyone who wants it to have access to this opportunity.”

Hackathon History

Founded by a group of students from top universities that were working on various problems in the field of Data Science in Northern Ireland. They wanted to create an event where they could share their knowledge with others while also building something cool that people could use.

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