About Us

The History of Hackathons

The hackathon is a relatively new phenomenon, though its roots can be traced back to the early 2000s. The first hackathons began as a way for computer programmers and software developers to come together to collaborate and create new software and applications.
Mostly attended by techsavvy individuals and small teams of developers, they now play a major part for innovation departments for major tech companies, venture capital firms, government agencies.  Many hackathons also serve as a platform for companies to recruit new talent, or for startups to showcase their products and services.


Collaboration, Innovation & Opportunity…

#HackTheHub has grown from a small hackathon in Belfast to a series of hackathons organised all across the world.
Our key strengths lie in technical education. We use this to attract a network of builders that love to solve hard problems.  
We focus on creating an environment which brings together builders that share a common interest of working with emerging technologies and up-skilling them.
It’s that simple.

Whether you are interested in fintech, big data, artificial intelligence or machine learning,  you will get the opportunity to explore your curiosity, build new skills and network with: programmers, data scientists, CTOs, tech marketers and designers. 


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