About Us

What is HackTheHub?

A one day free hackathon programme for anyone looking to explore emerging technologies and advance their career.  During the programme participants engage in hands-on work to create prototypes within a limited timeframe.


Where does HackTheHub take place?

 HackTheHub hackathons generally take place in physical locations such as technology offices, event spaces and university campus’s based in cities across UK & Ireland.

Who attends?

HackTheHub participants are generally a diverse group of individuals with various skills and backgrounds, including programmers, designers, engineers and domain experts. 


When does HackTheHub happen?

Twice a year. 1 hackathon programme in Spring and 1 hackathon programme in Autumn.

Why attend?

The primary purpose to attend is to:

– improve skills and performance
– learn new technologies
– complete essential personal development required for end of year reviews
– carry out research and development outside of day to day job.
– grow your network of like-minded innovators that are outside your normal network.
– try out something new in a risk-free, safe environment. 
– explore the viability of a great idea you have while having access to others that have the skills to build it.
– build a more cohesive team outside of work.
– gain more of an understanding of product development.
– grow your confidence through challenges, workshops and pitching to win.
– use as a way to provide orientation and onboarding to new team members joining your company for the first time.
– no degree or experience required.

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