Hackathon Sponsor FAQs

  1. How do we sign up our own teams?

We recommend you assign a team lead to sign up on our website hackthehub.com

When entering details the ticketing platform will ask for the number of free tickets that are needed and the team lead can choose that they would like to sign up a team. From there, they can input the other names of your team members and they are done.

  1. How does it work with mentors?

Depending on your sponsorship package, you will have been allocated an allowance for no. of mentors. The Hackathon mentors are there to help the hackathon teams throughout the day. What this typically looks like, is hovering between team tables, bouncing ideas back and forth and providing hackers with guidance on their solutions. 

What do we need on the day?

On the day you will just need your laptop!

  1. How many staff members can we bring?

Depends on which sponsorship package was purchased. If additional staff members need to be added please contact the HackTheHub team directly via email or via the chatbot to ensure we can accommodate. 

  1. Hackathons topic of the year?

This years Hackathon topic is “Best Application Use of Data & Al”

  1. Roles needed/recommended to have within your teams?

The ideal roles that we recommend for team setups are as follows:

  • Front End
  • Back End
  • BA/Product Owner
  • Design

From previous years, what stood out in the winning teams, was the teams that had a clear focus on the problem that they were setting out to achieve, rather than the solution first. When it came to pitching, they were able to win support much quicker as it could be explained in a shorter time frame. 

  1. Optimal team sizes?

The optimal team sizes are minimum three and no more than 5.

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