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The Problem..

If you’re a product manager, then you know how important it is to understand your target market. After all, the last thing you want to do is build something that nobody wants or needs.

But what if there was a way to get feedback from your target market quickly and easily? And what if you could do it without all the politics?

Fun Fact…

CB Insights found that in 42% of cases startup failure was due to misreading market demand.

How we Can Help…

HackTheHub is a unique event that allows you to meet with developers and get their feedback on your product idea. In just one day, you can get invaluable insights that will help you build a better product. Quick feedback loops and small reveals that will help you avoid building the wrong thing. And because it’s an in-person event, you’ll get actionable, tangible, constructive feedback – without any of the political baggage.

Next Steps…

So if you’re ready to learn more, click below. We can’t wait to help you take your product to the next level.