Sponsorship Checklist

This is our Official HackTheHub 2022 Sponsor Onboarding Checklist

In this checklist we outline the critical success factors to hackathon sponsorship and how you can get the most out of HackTheHub 2022. 

Checklist item #1:

Define Your Goal

There are typically four reasons to sponsor a HackTheHub 2022:

  1. Get developers to try your tech
  2. Recruiting
  3. Contactability
  4. Position your company as Innovative, Technology Leaders

You may want to do all of the above, that’s fine, but if you do, rank those goals! It is difficult, almost impossible to do all of them well.  We suggest that you pick one as a primary goal, and another as a secondary goal.

Checklist item #2:

Ask if any of your company wishes to attend.

Your teams can feel isolated with working at home so much. HackTheHub is a great team bonding opportunity to reconnect staff.  Also, by collaborating with external teams. they can learn more about what other tech teams are doing to tackle specific problems and compare techniques and methods with industry standards.

Checklist item #3:

Notify your PR agencies ahead of time.

To get the biggest push on lead-up and during the day of the hackathon, make sure to notify any PR agencies that you work with ahead of time.  This will allow them to use their resources to amplify any content going out from the HackTheHub team that has your name on it. Whether it’s thought leadership content, PR releases or bite-sized content on the leadup, keeping them in the loop will help them succeed with their job giving you a better result all-round.

Checklist item #4:

Order your exhibition stand ahead of time.

In the past, we’ve had sponsors running late trying to get last minute signage orders in, as these places can be busy, we recommend getting any orders in early.  Provided it is included within your package, you are welcome to bring it along on the day and we will make sure to place it either in one of our breakout rooms or in the main area where it’s totally visible by all.

Checklist item #5:


Checklist item #6:

Have a Good Camera on hand.

Checklist item #7:

If teams are hacking, a great way to engage is to offer assistance. One way this could be done would be by helping them better understand a frustrating problem. This creates a common ground, and is a great way to initiate a relationship.

In summary, to ensure you make the most of your experience at HackTheHub 2022, you should consider all the points listed above, both when preparing and attending the event.

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