How To Form An Effective Team For Hackathons: 4 Top Tips

One of the biggest challenges in joining a hackathon is knowing how to build a rockstar team, whether you are a beginner or a well-versed coder.

If you intend to win or are just out of the experience and learning more about the newest technology, having a winning team matters. With time pressure and an extremely competitive environment, a team member can make or break a winning strategy.

If forming a cross-functional and cooperative team is one of your concerns in joining this kind of event, here are our top tips:

4 smart tips for building a winning hackathon team:

1. Begin searching for teammates within your network

This is the best time to recall friends, acquaintances, groups, or communities. Whether you are looking for a coder, a designer, or a data scientist,  find someone you know who is good at what they do and they are passionate about it. 

Let them know your intentions and that you are joining a hackathon, and ask if they would like to join you.


2. List down the expertise you are looking for

To have a higher chance of winning, a team must have different skills. Are you looking for a programmer, data scientist, UX designer, or a great presenter?  

Build a maximum of 4 people who are easy to work with and understand how to provide solutions to day-to-day problems.

Think of someone who can help you get ahead of the rest when the going gets tough.

3. Build a dynamic team

Maximize your team members’ skills, discuss their unique roles and decide what to focus on with them. Discover each strength and weakness and then delegate particular tasks.

Doing this allows you to focus on one role and avoid losing time because of multi-tasking. Remember, hackathons have tight time frames; it’s crucial to know what hat to wear.

4. Know the requirements of the hackathon

Although all hackathons’ goal is to build a solution by the end of the event, not all hackathons are created the same.

The theme differentiates depending on the organizers and sponsors. A hackathon organized by Spotify, for example, had a hackathon dedicated to creating the future of music and video on both web and mobile.

Knowing the event’s guidelines is an excellent way to start brainstorming ideas and thinking outside the box.

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